Zipp Vuka Aero Riser Bolt Kit: 50mm

Zipp Speed Weaponry Zipp Vuka Aero Riser Bolt Kit: 50mm

Zipp Vuka Aero Riser Bolt Kit: 50mm

  • Won’t easily strip.
  • More durable bolt head interface for both titanium and steel fasteners.
  • Provides more accurate feedback for torque wrench sensors.

It comes down to the way the tool head interacts with the bolt. Common hex tools tend to strip the bolt head if the bolt is over torqued. This is especially true with lightweight bolts. Zipp wanted to be able to use a lightweight bolt with reliable performance. Bolts on stems and aero bars are critical to safety – having a reliable bolt is crucial.

The Torx® head is more robust that hex-head bolts and will not easily strip. Torx® fasteners also were designed for use with a torque-limiting wrench (torque wrench), which is needed to achieve the precise torque reading required for proper installation.

We chose a bolt size – T25 –that was best suited for our stems. The standard Torx tool head for an M5 bolt is a T25, although sometimes a T20 or T27 is used. The T25 is becoming a go-to bolt in the bicycle industry. It’s been used on disc brakes for years and also is in use on chainring bolts, derailleurs and shifters. What’s more, the T25 tool is commonly found in bike shops or hardware stores and is readily available alone or in multi-tool sets. For your convenience, Zipp includes a T25 wrench with all stems and aero bars.

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