XLab Mini Bag

XLab XLab Mini Bag

XLab Mini Bag

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  • Compact bag to fit your repair essentials.
  • Swap from your road bike to your race bike in no time!
  • Tuck in the aero compartment of a SUPER WING or CARBON WING
  • Fits neatly at the back of a TURBO WING
  • Store a tube, tire levers, inflator, patch kit & 2 CO2 cartridges

Finally you can carry all your small parts on your XLAB Wing. Bag can carry 2 AIR STRIKE CO2 Cartridges, NANOFLATOR, pair of tire levers, patch kit, and TRI TOOL KIT. Could alternatively hold cell phone, cash, keys, etc., or tube, levers, and CO2 cylinders.

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