Profile Design T3+ Aluminum Aerobar

Profile Design Profile Design T3+ Aluminum Aerobar

Profile Design T3+ Aluminum Aerobar

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Extension Shape

 The most neutral wrist position of the T+ Aluminum Series is achieved with the T3+ Aluminum. The shape allows for the widest variety of hand positions, making it very easy to dial in individualized comfort.

J2 Bracket

 The extension bracket, isolated from the basebar bracket, allows for a wider range of armest adjustment possibilities. Easily adjustable in length and angular rotation for a customized fit.

F-19a Aluminum Armrest

 4 position fore/aft adjustment along with 15° of rotational adjustment to dial in the fit. Velcro-backed EVA Foam pads affix directly to armrest without additional straps. 

Aerobar Bracket Riser Kit

 Ability to increase stack up to 70mm with optional Aerobar Bracket Riser Kit.

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