Tips For Race Week

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  • By Jen Harrison

USAT Level 2 Coach Jen Harrison lays out the last minute advice as we roll into Madison and 70.3 Worlds.

Here are some tips for Race WEEK......Whether you are racing IM WI or Chatt WC 70.3:
They key to remember during race week is that the "hay is in the barn."   There is no need to cram anything else in.    Stick with your plan.   Do not move things around and really do your best to keep the workouts in the order that they are written.   There is a rhythm and a flow to the race week plan.
- Write out a full race plan.  In this race plan include things as:   Detailed overview of your travel, nutrition, pacing, and alternative plans if race is made a duathlon, rain, 100F degrees, etc.  Have your coach or mentor walk through the race plan with you.  Ask questions.  Leave no detail over-turned.  
- Read the full Athlete Guide.  Do not assume anything.  Understand where the Aide Stations are on the bike and run.   Prepare your fuel plan accordingly.   Know how the transition area works.  Know how the swim starts - and how the water is at this time of the year (wetsuit, no wetsuit, borderline?).
- Visualize the full race before you show up on race day.   Go through the night before, morning before the race, swim, T1, bike, T2 and run.  Allow the race to flow through your head and allow your race to go smoothly.  Your mind must go there before the body can.  Go there.  Keep this visualization positive!
- Have a back up plan for the "WHAT IF."   What if it rains hard?  What IF it is 100F?  What if we have a race delay due to bad weather.  What if the winds are 30+ mph?  Be mentally prepared for all of these applicable situations and have a plan that YOU can calmly follow if any of these extreme weather situations happen.  Never assume they will not.
- Do not think it is time to  lose weight during race week.  If you have not lost the 5 lbs you planned on or wanted to before the start of your race, it is now too late.   You need to eat well this week and even have a plan to carb load starting mid week for your IM and HIM.   Salt your foods.  Reduce fiber 48 hours out from your race.   Eat clean.
- When in doubt, rest.  When in doubt, sleep more.  Try to get an extra 30 minutes of sleep or more per night this week.   They hay is in the barn, don't worry about the workouts.  They are there to just keep moving this week.  Wash your hands.  Don't get sick.
- Surround yourself with positive people this week.  The mind is your best ally this week - get the mind ready and after all the training you did, the body will follow and know what to do.
Good luck!
Jennifer Harrison USAT Triathlon Level 2 Coach