Race Ready Swim Workout From Coach Jen Harrison

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Race Ready Swim Workout From Coach Jen Harrison

The following workout is a great swim for "race readiness" for triathletes! It was provided by Element Sponsored Coach Jen Harrison who is also a USA Triathlon Level 2 Certified Coach in the Chicagoland area. Jen works with triathletes, swimmers, cyclists and runners of all levels to help them attain their goals. For more on Coach Jen, check out her website at www.jenharrison.com



300 easy swim with every 3rd length fist drill (keeping fist straight in water - do NOT run wrist).

4 x 75 off (rest) 15 seconds as: 25 easy/25 build effort/25 fast.

6 x 50 KICK with fins with 25 big splash free/25 easy free off 1:00.

Main Set:

4 x 300 as: 100 VERY HARD / 100 settle in but strong pace still /100 easy SUPER EASY.

Rest is 30" after each broken 300. Really get out there for that first 100 - like the start of a race. Be aggressive. Do this from a dive OR from a tread (how does your next race OW start? Practice that!).

500 easy pull w paddles with good form and engaging your lats. USE YOUR LATS - if you cannot feel your lats, you are not swimming right! Also, this pull/paddle work simulates open water the BEST - so include a lot of this in your swim training. Rest 45".

12 x 25 off :30 send off as -->

Odds: Start from a tread and go VERY hard for 8 strokes and then settle in easy.

Evens: Push off wall and go as far as you can kicking under water - then come up and finish hard.

200 Super easy cool down, stretch it out and re-group on your form.