How to Pick a Triathlon Suit: Let Size, Usage and Comfort Decide

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How to Pick a Triathlon Suit: Let Size, Usage and Comfort Decide

Triathlon's combination of running, cycling and swimming is a fun and challenging sporting event. A triathlete does their best at three different athletic disciplines, without stopping for rest between them, regardless of weather or equipment malfunctions. The choice of triathlon gear, especially the clothing, is critical for performance.


A wide variety of triathlon suits are available at Element Multisport's online store, and your choice of a triathlon suit depends on eight factors:


#1 How do you like the fit: A tri suit is snug enough to show no wrinkles or gaps, but not so tight you cannot move or breathe. A good fit means you can get in and out of a suit without help, without bursting a seam or tearing a zipper.


#2 How do you like the fabric: The best triathlon suits are lightweight, breathable and quick-drying. The materials used included Lycra©, Nylon, Spandex© and polyester. Your swimsuits, running and cycling gear fabric preferences are a good indication of what you'll prefer in a triathlon suit.


#3 To zip front or back: if you plan to wear the triathlon suit for the entire race, then the back zipper is not an issue. If you are considering changing during transition, consider the front zipper model.


#4 The pros and cons of seat padding: Triathlon suits and shorts have a chamois padding similar to regular cycling shorts, but because chamois retains water, the padding is thinner and lighter. How much you need in your triathlon suit depends on your comfort level. Practice the triathlon distance with the thin pad, and bring a second pair of shorts with additional padding to put over your trisuit if needed.


#5 The long and short(s) of it: The length of the suit is important. You don't want a long suit that impedes knee movement. Too short, and they ride up as you run.


#6 Cut to the chafe, check the arm holes: Armhole size matters for two reasons: you want to avoid seam and hem chafing under your arms, and ladies - that sports bra is pretty (or you may decide to go without one), but either way, side coverage counts.


#7 It's really about looking like a pro: Details like pocket placement, color aesthetics and logo factor into your triathlon suit decision. Pockets are nice for stashing an extra water bottle, gels and a protein bar. Colors and logos help you stand out to the friends and family cheering on the sidelines.

#8 What does the sizing chart say: Triathlon suits sizes are extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large, including equivalent U.S. and European clothing sizes . Body measurement sizing is sometimes provided as well. A complete sizing chart is an asset, but read the reviews from buyers. Nobody tells it better than someone who's been there, bought that and worn it for a race.