Four Ways Your Ride Benefits From A GPS Bike Computer

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Four Ways Your Ride Benefits From A GPS Bike Computer

You're geared up for serious cycling: the right bike, safety light kit, cleats, helmet, shorts, singlet, socks and glasses and you're ready.


But how do you know where you're going once you're on the seat and in motion? You know the route and you enjoy the ride, but do you really know how much your body benefits from your ride? That's when adding another vital piece of training equipment, the GPS bike computer, comes in. And it's not just another way your bike shop gets your money. With this digital cycling assistant, every ride becomes a way to step up and improve your training.

What is a GPS bike computer?

The most basic bike computer tells you how far you've gone and how fast you're getting there, but current models offer much more information, including cadence, heart rate, elevation tracking, power output and social connectivity. The system's battery-operated main unit connects to the handlebars and the magnetic sensors attach to the front spokes. Every revolution of your wheel sends an electronic message to the main unit, calculating and storing ride data.

Why should you use one?

  1. You only think you know your favorite ride: Until you measure it accurately with a GPS, and then you're surprised. You may not be riding as far as you thought, or working as hard as you thought. A GPS computer tracks your rides and your progress so you can build time and miles accurately.
  2. Training for the next (or your first) triathlon: Whether you're building up to an Ironman® or starting with a sprint, you need to put in a certain number of miles to accomplish your goal, and a GPS ensures you will.
  3. You want to move up to a group ride: Riding alone gets lonely after awhile, and group rides are fun and challenging. But to ride with a group, you have to stay with a group. A GPS tracker motivates you to improve your riding skills, compare your statistics with other riders and view your progress compared with the cyclists whose level you want to attain.
  4. Health and fitness goals: A GPS system that monitors your heart rate, fat percentage, power output and calorie consumption provides feedback that improves your health and motivates you to keep riding and achieve your fitness goals.

Element Multisport has your best GPS bike computer

Along with all the cycling gear you need to get started or step up, we offer a wide range of GPS computers and parts. We have Wahoo, Cateye and Garmin, all easy to install and simple to operate and understand. These components offer a variety of data feedback, from simple tracking of time, distance and speed to assessing heart rate, calorie consumption, turn by turn navigation and providing smartphone connectivity. Come in or contact us for information about our product line, installation and service.