Wetsuit Rentals

Thinking about doing a Triathlon but not sure you want to invest in tons of gear? Save money by renting a wetsuit or a set of Zipp race wheels.

Wetsuit Rentals - $50 per week*

Wetsuits help keep you warm, reduce friction and improve buoyancy. This all translates into an easier, more enjoyable swim. Our wetsuit rental period is Wednesday to Tuesday, giving you plenty of time to try out a suit or race in it. We rent mostly Zoot Fuzion Full sleeve and Sleeveless suits, our fleet has a few other brands mixed in. 

Reserve your suit early, we often sell out for big weekends.

What if you decide you love it, no problem? Make a purchase of a new suit from us within 60 days of the rental day and we’ll apply the $50 to your new suit. (Maximum of two rentals only.)

All rentals require payment in full at the time of the reservation.

Due to the high cost of this equipment we cannot afford to miss a rental opportunity, therefore the rental fee in non-refundable.