Element Green Efforts

Element is committed to practices that reduce the impact on the environment. Our efforts promote energy efficiency, waste reduction and increased recycling.

Recycle cardboard, cans, type 1 and 2 plastics, paper products, glass. 
Buy recycled office products - paper, cartridges, etc
Recycle batteries
Recycle Co2 cartridges
Recycle inner tubes with Trek and Alchemy Goods for reuse
Recycle chains, freewheels and other small parts with Llama Trading Company for reuse
Recycle old running shoes with The Gaia Movement
6 full time employees of Element commute by bike everyday all year long
Element (Chicago) outdoor sign is power by LED lights
Store lights at all three locations area combination of high efficiency fluorescent, CFL and LED
Opt for electronic bills from suppliers when available
Run electronic reports rather than printing to save paper
Reuse packing materials and cardboard boxes
Send back old ink cartridges for re-filling
Donate old bikes and parts for reuse to West Town Bikes
Use recycled paper for notes
Reuse old restaurant linens as shop rags