Soas Plaid Tri Tank
Soas Plaid Tri Tank Soas Plaid Tri Tank

Soas Plaid Tri Tank

We made plaid modern in a beachy pastel. Aqua and citron against a sable background make this vibrant tartan really pop. 


Made in the U.S.A.


Features and Benefits:


1) Bra Construction - Our cups are made of a compression spandex that maximizes support, while the bra is made of breathable, super-soft mesh from eco-friendly PET. 


2) Longer Length - Our tank hemline dips over the waistband of the shorts to ensure more coverage and eliminates the chance of a racing stripe sunburned into your lower back as you are bent over the aerobars. 


3) Five Pocket System - Paired together, our shorts and tank offer a system of five pockets so you can organize large and small items. Two deep rear pockets on the tank are large enough to hold water bottles or a jacket. Three shallow pockets on the shorts give you a place to stash smaller items (chapstick, salt tabs) so they won't get lost in the larger tank pockets. Placing them on the rear of the garment ensures optimum aerodynamics. 


4) Wider at Hips - Our tanks flare ever so slightly to prevent any undesirable roll-up. 


5) Mesh Rear Panel - The tank back is made of breathable pique mesh to allow maximum core cooling. 


6) Elastic-Free Waistband - No more muffin-top! Our waistband eliminates the need for restrictive and unflattering elastic. Yet it is still snug enough to stay up, even when soaking wet. 


7) Wider leg holes minimize pinching at the thigh.


8) Single Layer Fleece Pad - Despite popular belief, our research shows that a thinner pad means less friction and discomfort on a long ride. 


9) Flat Stitching & No Tags - We use flatlock stitching, fluff thread and heat transfer instead of tags to minimize chafing. 


10) UV-Protection & Anti-Bacterial - All our materials are quick dry, anti-bacterial and have UV-protection.

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