Skins Men's TRI400 Compression Sleeveless Tri Top

Skins Men's TRI400 Compression Sleeveless Tri Top

More oxygen-Dynamic gradient compression increases the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to muscles, giving you more power and stamina

Glide through the water-Heat and pressure treated TRI400 fabric minimizes drag Ride harder-Lightweight TRI400 chamois provides maximum protection with a slim profile 

Run faster for longer-Thanks to anti-friction carbon panels between your thighsBased on 400 key fitting points, the SKINS TRI400 range is cut for comfort while swimming, cycling and running.

Dynamic gradient compression helps accelerate your blood flow to get more oxygen to your active muscles. Increased circulation also helps reduce lactic acid build-up so you can compete hard in each stage and have less pain when it's all over.

Using Elastic Interface Technology, the ultra-lightweight TRI400 chamois is designed specifically for triathletes looking for maximum comfort and performance.

Strategically placed carbon-infused fabric panels between the thighs mean less chafing, more comfort and a better performance during the final stage of the race..

  • Technologies/Features
  • Dynamic gradient compression
  • 400fit
  • 50+ UV Protection
  • Anti-Friction Carbon Panels
  • Moisture Management
  • Muscle Focus
  • Antimicrobial Treatment
  • Warp Knit

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