110% Blitz Knee Sleeve

110% Blitz Knee Sleeve



Blitz Knee Compression Sleeves combine the benefits of compression and the power of an ice bath in one simple piece of gear. With 360° pockets, reusable ice inserts, and a thermal carrying bag they transition from high performance compression gear to an active recovery system in one easy step.

Worn during activity, the Blitz Knee Compression Sleeve stabilizes joints and decreases the muscle vibration that leaves your knee sore.  Adding ice therapy for your post work out recovery prevents swelling and reduces inflammation.

Targeting both sides of the knee, The Blitz Knee Sleeve is designed for maximum comfort, performance and recovery.

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Compression sleeve details:

  • Zoned compression
  • Antimicrobial silvertech fabric
  • Superior moisture wicking
  • 70% Polypropylene/30% Spandex
  • 360° 4 way stretch
  • Single seam construction for 360° icing
  • Comes with 2 110% Reusable Ice Inserts per sleeve
  • Sold in singles or pairs


  • Ice Inserts Re-usable, flexible inserts. Add water, place in freezer
  • Thermal Bag

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