Muscle Glide 4 Wheel Dynamic Massage Roller


The 4-Wheel Model has four 72mm wheels and easy-to-clean PVC handles. It is perfect for all-around use by nearly everyone and on all body parts. It's big enough to cover most large muscle areas on most individuals but compact enough to be slipped into most gym bags or backpacks. The 6 wheel Eco model comes with our patent-pending BioFlex composite axle for increased flexibility and comfort.

What makes MuscleGlide products so effective and so quick and easy to use? They were designed by combining many years of medical experience and athletic performance with a strong knowledge of muscle anatomy, physiology & function and were then engineered using common sense. Most other muscle therapy products suffer from being difficult or inconvenient to use, weak, ineffective or even painful. MuscleGlide products were specifically designed, engineered and manufactured to reduce or eliminate the shortcomings of competing products and prove that American know-how and innovation is still the best in the world.

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