Powerbar Ironman Restore Powder Orange

Powerbar Ironman Restore Powder Orange

Ironman RESTORE™ is a serious sports drink specially developed by the sports nutrition experts at PowerBar® designed to help you PUSH your limits.

Replenishes energy and supports muscle repair

After exercise, the body needs to replenish glycogen stores and allow muscles to recover. Ironman RESTORE sports drink mix provides athletes with a combination of carbs and protein designed to meet these needs. The rapidly absorbed carbs help speed glycogen restoration, to replace what athletes burn during exercise. Just a single 30-second sprint or resistance training session can deplete your muscle fuel stores by 25–35%. The high quality whey protein isolate in Ironman RESTORE sports drink mix supplies the essential amino acids to support muscle recovery, helping the body repair damaged muscle tissue and get you ready for your next training session or competition.

Supports efficient rehydration

Ironman RESTORE sports drink mix is designed to be used at full strength, delivering the carbs, essential amino acids, and electrolytes that athletes need to help reach their full potential. And with a great light taste, Ironman RESTORE sports drink mix:

  • Encourages fluid consumption
  • Improves hydration
  • Supports rapid muscle recovery

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