Osmo PreLoad Hydration For Men

Osmo PreLoad Hydration For Men

Osmo PreLoad Hydration is a special application "hyper-hydrator". Use it before intense efforts, ultra-endurance events or exercise in hot conditions. PreLoad was used to win gold in London and by Peter Sagan to secure the Green Jersey in the 2013 Tour de France. Consider it your secret weapon to:

  • Increase Performance During Hot & Intense Efforts
  • Maximize Sustained Power
  • Reduce Muscle Fatigue and Cramping

Osmo uses only the highest quality natural ingredients.

Based on peer-reviewed science to be most effective hyper hydrator, Osmo PreLoad Hydration allows athletes to perform longer and stronger in hot conditions and during intense efforts. For use prior to hot events, time trials, and high intensity efforts, Osmo PreLoad Hydration increases total body water, plasma volume, and sodium stores to maximize sustained power and reduce muscle burn. 

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